Friday, February 4, 2011

Glen Plake PSIA Level 1 Alpine Instructor

I'm sure glad that when I passed my PSIA Level 1 exam, no one posted my scores online!   Glen Plake did a lot better than I did.  I got a lot of 3's.  I was a much better teacher, than skier when I first took the exam.  I have heard that the exams are more difficult in Colorado.  Way to go Glen!  Glen is now officially a Level 1 alpine instructor at Breckenridge.  How cool is that?  I'd love to take a lesson from him.  I wish he worked with me in Kid Ski.  Fun, fun , fun!

In case you don't know who Glen Plake is and are wondering why, oh why, is she so excited about this?!  Here is the official Glen Plake youtube scoop:

Not your average PSIA Level 1 instructor!

Oh Glen, please lose the cigarette, put on a helmet, and come ski with me at Mt. Hood Meadows! 

ski girl

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