Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lindsey Vonn wins the World Cup Downhill Title

German skier Maria Riesch beat Lindsey Vonn in the World Cup downhill event Wednesday, though the American is still on track to win her 33rd World Cup title, beating Bode Miller's 32-title record. Go Lindsey!

I got 2nd today in the DH race and received the crystal globe for winning the overall DH title. It is always a good day when you are on the podium especially when it is the end of the season and you are trying to lock up an overall title. Going into today my focus was on the overall world cup title and my goal was to ski solid and not risk to much. I knew before my run that Maria was leading by over a second in the finish so my plan was to ski solid and make sure I finished staying as close to Maria as possible. If I can do the same thing in one of the next 3 days/races the overall title will be finished. Tactic tactics tactics! Its not always the most fun way to race, but sometimes you have to do it if you want to win season long titles. Tomorrow is the last GS race of the season 1st run starts at 9am European time I run #27. You can catch the action on LV :)

Last downhill of the season! 5th place, and 6th overall in this years DH standings!!!

Results Wednesday of the final women's World Cup downhill of the season:

1. Maria Riesch, Germany, 1 minute, 34.82 seconds.
2. Lindsey Vonn, United States, 1:35.30.
3. Anja Paerson, Sweden, 1:35.95.
4. Nadja Kamer, Switzerland, 1:36.04.
5. Julia Mancuso, United States, 1:36.13.

Congratulations to Lindsey and all the awesome ski racers!


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