Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ski Hawaii

Yes ski girl and the fam are in Hawaii!!! And no we aren't skiing, it's August. I have yet to ski Mauna Kea but let's just say it's a dream that may come true soon. Possibly a winter trip, pack some old rock skis... Do I have old rock skis?  February and March are the months to try it.  All I need is a four wheel drive and a non skiing friend to shuttle me up the mountain.  How about a combo trip, compete in the Lavaman Triathlon in March and then follow up with some recovery skiing.  That will be a lot of gear to get on the plane. I wasn't able to keep it to one bag for this trip. And all I was packing were bikinis, and sundresses, and running clothes, and yoga clothes, and...

Something very exciting occured last week.  Something that skiers wait the whole summer for... and no it's not snow. Just as we were about leave for Hawaii I checked the mail and all three of my favorite magazines had arrived.  Ski, Skiing, and Powder!!!!!  I somehow managed to save them for the airplane and as we headed towards Hawaii I was deep into the 2010 gear guides and plotting my ski season.  So far I'm loving the Line Pandora.  They are the fattest women's ski out there.  Coming in at 115 underfoot.  Perfect for all the Colorado powder I' m going to hit with my Epic Pass!  You know all about the Epic Pass, right?  $599, 1 Pass, 6 Mountains, Unlimited and Unrestricted Access!!!  Yippee! 

The most important thing I learned from the Gear Guide is the answer to the ever pressing question.
Why do I need new gear?
1.  To ski better
2.  See #1

For now my dreams of powder are on hold and I'm going to enjoy Hawaii. This is the sunset view from our beach house in Puako.  My absolute favorite place to be when I'm not skiing.

ski girl

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