Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ski like a girl and CW-X 3/4 Insulator Stabilyx® Tights

I haven't worn the 3/4 length yet but I just ordered them from and I'm very excited to try them out on the slopes. Santa gave me the longer version for Christmas and I love them.Warmth, support, and you look like a super hero when you walk around the lodge sans ski pants. Who could ask for more?
This is me in my new CW-X!

My only concern was that the ankles were so tight (supportive) that I couldn't roll them up my calves to get them out of my ski boot. I'm a firm believer in socks only in the ski boot. But I did ski all day with these in my boot and had no problems. I thought I'd try the 3/4 length for another option.

Here is the CW-X description:
Your knees take a beating when you clip into alpine or telemark skis, or when you’re out for a winter run. The CW-X Women’s Insulator Stabilyx ¾-Tight stabilizes your knees and reduces vibration.
  • Support Web uses panels to mimic kineseo taping techniques, so muscles and ligaments band together to support your knee joint, lower abdominals, hip, and back
  • Compression fit minimizes lactic acid build-up for long workouts and quick recovery
  • Flat drawcord at waist won’t interfere with your snow or rain-shell pants
Bottom Line: Knee, hip, and back support.
I'm loving them. I'll let you know what I think of the shorter 3/4 length.

xoxo, ski girl

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